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That's Slick

They say creativity knows no bounds, so we set out to see how far we could push ourselves. I created every aspect you are looking at and listening to in the project below. From surfing, filming, editing, and color grading, to audio and music production, mixing, and mastering, we handled and created every aspect of this project. 

For the Duotone Slick, we wanted to emphasize the thrill you get when you push this wing to its peak performance. It’s a revolutionary wing that boldly states that loop handles are not the way and that booms are here to stay. The film pushes to show the radical and wild feelings you get when utilizing this wing.




Concept, Design & Direction:

Alex Mertens

Production Company:



Alex Mertens & Taylor Baum

3D Artist:

Alex Mertens

Motion Designer:

Alex Mertens


Alex Mertens


Alex Mertens

Sound Design:

Alex Mertens


Alex Mertens

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